Become a skilled survivalist

If you get caught in a disaster or stuck in the wild, your skills will be the most essential tools to get you through. You can get survival training form our experts to ensure you're prepared for a variety of situations. We'll teach you important survival techniques like how to build a fire and create shelter.

Our helpful specialists will make sure you're equipped with the knowledge and experience you need to flourish in the toughest conditions. Let us know if you're interested in survival training by emailing us now.

Turn Your Life Into An Adventure

Team up with treasure hunting guides in Amarillo, TX

Do wish you could add some excitement to your life? You can turn to American Treasure Finders for the exploration of a lifetime! Our treasure hunting guides in Amarillo, TX work with others to find precious rocks and develop geology skills. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to sparking curiosity and a passion for the outdoors in others.

We know the ins and outs of treasure hunting, survival techniques and an assortment of other outdoor activities. Our father-daughter treasure hunting team has been unearthing valuables and creating skilled survivalists for over 15 years. You'll be in capable and experienced hands with our treasure hunting guides.

Let us take you on a treasure hunt

The earth holds all kinds of incredible and valuable materials. You just have to know how to find and uncover them. You can team up with us to start treasure hunting for gold and:

  • Rocks
  • Geodes
  • Minerals
  • Diamonds

You can easily start searching for valuables anywhere with help from us. We provide geology tips for amateurs, so anyone can become a safe and knowledgeable treasure hunter.